About The Summer Training Programs

The Kokopelli Summer Track and Training Program will offer two sessions in Colorado Springs and Castle Rock.

Session 1 Colorado Springs.  For the younger runner, the new to the sport runner, or the runner not currently on a MS or HS track team.  This program  will focus on building an understanding of training principles, fitness, speed, consistency and a love for the sport.  This program will begin April 19th, 2021.  Training times will be Monday and Thursday at 4:15pm-5:30pm and Saturday 9:00am-10:15am.  Locations for workouts will vary and will be posted on our Team App account.  Once school is out training times will switch to 8:30am-9:45am. This session is for Grade School runners and for those who are not currently running MS or HS track season and MS runners who want to attend our Saturday workouts during their MS track season and this program is designed to get a jump start on Spring and Summer USATF races and overall fitness.  

Program cost for Session 1 is $345.00 *this program runs from April 19th-August 14th for a total of 17 weeks!  

Session 2 Colorado Springs. This program will begin for MS runners and HS runners when their school track seasons are compleated and will focus on strength, flexibility, consistency and speed.  This group will have the option to enter USATF track meets and local races during the summer months.  This session will train Monday, Thursday and Saturday from 8:30am-9:45am.   This program will begin once athletes are finished with thier school track program.  Training locations will vary and be posted on the Team App account.

Program cost for Session 2 is $295.00 

Session 1 Castle Rock  * This session will begin April 20th and is for Grade School and Middle School runners not currlently in a school track program.  Tuesday workouts 5pm-6:15pm  Butterfield Park,  Thursday, 5pm-6:15pm Butterfield Park,  Saturday 9:00am-10:15am 365 N. Mitchell St.  Program cost $345.00

Session 2 Castle Rock   * This session will begin for MS and HS runners once their school track season is over.  The workout times and location are:  Tuesday workouts 5pm-6:15pm  Butterfield Park,  Thursday, 5pm-6:15pm Butterfield Park,  Saturday 9:00am-10:15am 365 N. Mitchell St.  Program cost $295.00

Once an athlete has registered for a program you will be sent a request to join our Team App.  This free App will keep you in touch with coaches, members, track meet information, training times and lcoations.

Each program will include a few outdoor track meets throughout the early summer and local 5k races.   The track meets are optional and are primarily to help add an element of fun to help break up the long summer training season.  If you plan to race USATF outdoor races you will need to have a 2021 USATF license and be a member of the Kokopelli Racing Team.  Race dates will be posted on the Team App account you will set up to access all training times, dates and locations and to communicate with coaches and members. 



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