About The Winter Training Program



The Kokopelli Winter Training Program is designed for the seasoned runner and will focus on strength, flexibility, consistency and speed.  This program is for advanced Grade School, Middle School and High School athletes who have currently been running cross country or playing soccer and are in good physical condition.  For runners new to the sport we encourage you to join the summer training program that is designed more for all abilitiy levels.

We will train Monday/Thursday 4:00pm-5:15pm at Colorado College and Saturday 9:00-1\0:30am. *times may vary.  Always check Team App!  The location on Saturday will vary throughout the season.  The program will start December 10th and run through Feb 23rd for HS and March 17th for MS/GS.  Athletes competiting in USATF JO XC will start their season late December.  HS track season officially starts February 25th.  Program cost is $200 for first runner in your family and $175.00 for second runner  *plus registration convenience fee.  This program will include a few indoor track meets throughout the period.  The track meets are optional and are primarily to help add an element of fun to help break up the long winter season.  If you plan to race USATF indoor races you will need to have a 2018/2019 USATF license and be a member of the Kokopelli Racing Team.  Race dates will be posted on the Team App account you will set up to access all training times, dates and locations and to communicate with coaches and members. 

Lisa Rainsberger and her coaching programs are dedicated to helping kids and youth explore, expand, improve fitness and competitive potential. Kokopelli Kids offers youth training groups and individual training programs and a competitive racing team. Kokopelli programs offer summer trail running programs, winter fitness programs, the Kokopelli Kids Trail Running Series, Kokopelli Summer Series and coaching the Kokopelli Racing Team - a USAT&F Junior Olympic Cross Country team. Kokopelli progras can help your runner reach his/her age appropriate potential through form drills, instruction, goal setting and motivational techniques.

For more information about the Winter contact Lisa at lisa@traininggoals.com.

Running Programs:

Winter Training Program: $200.00 (December 10th – February 25th) Monday/Thursday 4:00-5:15pm  Saturday TBD



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